Radiology Information System - Picture Archiving
and Communication System iLifeRIS-PACS


The radiology specialty is one field of medicine with a very particular interest in PACS software. A Radiology PACS is frequently deployed alongside a RIS. A RIS is used to schedule patient appointments and record a patient’s radiology history, where a PACS focuses more on image storage and retrieval. It is not only radiologists who need to be convinced of PACS’s utility and cost-effectiveness, but also referring physicians and hospital administrators.

Benefits of RIS-PACS

Hard Copy Replacement

PACS replaces hard-copy based means of managing medical images, such as film archives. With the decreasing price of digital storage, they provide a growing cost and space advantage over film archives in addition to the instant access to prior images at the same institution. Digital copies are referred to as soft-copy.

Remote Access

It expands on the possibilities of conventional systems by providing capabilities of off-site viewing and reporting (distance education, tele diagnosis). It enables practitioners in different physical locations to access the same information simultaneously for tele radiology.

Electronic Image Integration Platform

It provides the electronic platform for radiology images interfacing with other medical automation systems such as Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Practice Management Software, Radiology Information System (RIS), among others.

Salient Features

  • Multi-Modality
  • Multi-Site Connectivity
  • Ability to edit patient/study information
  • Ability to merge patient records
  • DICOM send, import, print, archive & burn
  • CD/media
  • DICOM Receive, Query/Retrieve, Storage
  • Commit, Global Modality Work List
  • DICOM Receiver
  • MWL Service
  • MPPS Service
  • ORM / OBX listener
  • PACS Broker

Advanced Features

  • Store all images to centralised server
  • Simultaneous access from multiple viewing stations
  • Studies / reports viewed by physicians
  • All standard DICOM viewing tools
  • Derive & export old series to new
  • Hanging Protocols
  • HL7 and DICOM Modality Work list
  • Integrates with HIS / RIS
  • Scalable: Multi location and Multiple modality
  • Cloud based PACS
  • Fastest lossless image transfer
  • Access through mobile
  • Zero footprint web viewer
  • Consistent Image quality
  • Customizable User views
  • Active Collaboration features
  • Advanced processing tools

RIS-PACS Architecture of Image Distribution and Storage

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