Laboratory Information System - iLlifeLIS


InfoLife is a leading provider of integrated digitized healthcare solutions and services, spanning across the entire health enterprise. We engineer solutions that address the evolving needs of global healthcare system by providing faster, effective, patient-centric solutions through our unique customization approach.

By architecting innovative, adaptable and intelligent solutions that run across multiple functions on multiple platforms, InfoLife aims to shape the future of healthcare industry. With this intent, InfoLife has built healthcare solutions that cater to the needs of care providers ranging from large multi-specialty hospitals to small & medium sized hospitals and specialty clinics.

The iLifeLIS - Laboratory module is integrated with the in-patient/outpatient registration, wards and billing modules. Requests can be made from various points, including OP Billing, OP Package Billing and wards (ward management).

In addition to Diagnostic test reports, patients can print the Reports on secured patient LIS system from Infolife Technologies.

Laboratory Information system provides the benefit of efficient Lab operation handling, enhanced with

  • Administration & Control
  • Superior Patient care
  • Cost control
  • Improved profitability

System offers flexibility to fulfill varying Lab management activities needs and required for Hospital

iLifeLIS Working Architecture

iLifeLIS simultaneously supports a wide variety of transport mechanisms such as TCP/IP and RS232. Its ability to use multiple protocols concurrently, including industry standards HL7 and ASTM, emulation and proprietary protocols, make ILifeLIS the most versatile interfacing engine in the industry.

iLifeLIS Server

iLifeLIS Server consists of Data Manager and Configuration Manager.

iLifeLIS Server - Configuration Manager provides a platform to manage and configure equipment details like connection information, test code mapping, result round off, result substitution, define derived results, result auto-release configuration etc.

iLifeLIS Server - Data Manager serves as a primary result viewer as soon as results are captured from ILifeLIS Client. Data Manager offers the user the ability to route data coming in from ILifeLIS Client, to the HIS / LIS based on Auto-Release Result configuration for that ILifeLIS Client. With the powerful user-defined parameters Data Manager can translate / process data before updating the HIS / LIS database thus easing manual burden of the technicians and avoiding errors in due course.

Bar Coded Labels

Bar code labels are generated from the Lab Specimen module, depending on the Specimen and volume labels are generated. In case the Lab equipment has a bi-directional facility, depending on the identification number on the label, machine can communicate with the LIS, generate the Work list, perform the test, generate the results and same thing will be updated back to the LIS system without manual intervention.

In case of Uni-directional system, the bar coded labels are generated for identification of Lab samples. Manually the work list is entered in the Lab equipment and samples are refereed. Once the process is over, the lab results are updated back to the LIS automatically.

iLifeLIS Client

iLifeLIS Client is an equipment specific application running in system tray, which handles the communication intricacies between equipment and ILifeLIS Server.

iLifeLIS Benefits

  • Accurate and quick data Analysis.
  • Scheduling, Assignment and tracking of the samples.
  • Specific Adaptable to individual Hospital environments.
  • Report generation.
  • Billing and Collection - patient category based rate plans, multiple rate plans for corporate, insurance and government schemes, collection, discounts…etc.,
  • Patient Payments collection using different payment modes.
  • Sample processing (auto barcode generation and printing, label printing; sample assertion, sample source, sample/specimen condition, sample recollection)
  • Gender and age specific automatic status update of normal, abnormal, critical and impossible values in entry of test results.
  • Lab Reports.
  • SMS / email Alerts on reports readiness to patients .

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