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iLifeDMS Software to automate the Finance , Purchase and HR documents and Digitally access at your esteemed Organization.

iLifeDMS- Document Management solution is a Software system that automates and simplifies the Finance , Purchase and HR record information electronically stored and provide retrieval process. By consolidating all information in one system, it increases safety, streamlines administrative and records privacy activities, improves Record documentation and enables care providers in keeping documents secured and efficiently sharing information anytime. Making automation of Official documents electronically digitalized enable systems have proven to be a full proof better approach for respective departments and Management Professionals in accessing information in faster manner rather documentation in conventional paper-based systems.

The Key Advantages of iLifeDMS Solutions

  • Respective Department Users - Can Manage Records electronically and Can Retrieval records faster in comparison to Manual record Search.
  • Managers of respective Professionals - Can always review records for their retrieval and take appropriate action for the renewal of Service contract , renewal of Annual maintenance contract
  • Management - Can Manage electronic storage of Finance , Purchase and HR documents.

Advantage of Digitalizing the Office Records Documents in Organization

  • Physical Storage: Organization face lot of difficulty to maintain physical records in storing and retrieving the data due to inadequate space available in respective Department. Problem in Searching Records Specially Important Files on emergency. Also fear of getting stored Physical records damaged due to insects, water flow etc.
  • Missing the Entire document Files Or important pages within the document files: Due to frequent physical access of Official Records chances are more to losing files or certain important pages within the document files.
  • Easy Access of Document Records in Organization premises: The advantage of making Digitalization is to make Records Safe and accessing the official records will become much faster. Easier and fast access by the Managers ,Department users and Management stake holders other respective Departments. Zero percent in losing Records documents since it will be available in Digital format and can be printed when it’s required.
  • Legal cases: The Digitized Documents data can be retrieved instantly during any emergency of Legal casefiles/ Data requirement.
  • Advantage for Multi location chain of Organization: The most of the Group of Organization can utilize extensively the DMS Solutions to access the Official documents from Multiple location units in their group. "Improve overall quality of document management in a practice."

iLifeDMS Software Modules & Features


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