iLifeVCare (INFOLIFE Virtual Care) Mobile Platform is an ultimate software solution for continues patient monitoring system, which enables the Hospital to monitor the Patient's Health through the Digital Mobile App, gives the ultimate momentum and relationship with the patient, Post Hospitalization.

Understanding today’s continuous Healthcare needs for every patient after post hospitalization is a challenge for both Hospital and the Patient.

iLifeVCare Mobile Platform enable the Patient to preserve their critical documents i.e., Discharge Summary, Investigation Reports, Radiology Reports with-in the Mobile App, as well as the Post Discharge Medication advice remainders creates a relationship between the Hospital and the Patient through the Mobile Platform.

In addition to that, the Mobile App enables and provides secure messaging and Video Consultation between the patient and doctor during an Emergency.

It empowers the Patient to monitor their Vitals: Heart Rate, Temperature, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol etc.,

iLifeVCare is integrated with various IOT devices like Google Fit, Fitbit, iHealth, Misfit etc., which enables the patient to focus on the Wellness of their body.

Today, the Quality of the healthcare service expectation is beyond the four walls and beyond our imagination. iLifeVCare Mobile App emerges to the ultimate healthcare solution beyond today’s expectation.


Benefits of iLifeVCare through a Patient's perspective.

• Personalised health for prevention or better management of chronic diseases.
• Empowering the patient with Convenient Care delivered Anytime, Anywhere.
• Periodic health risk Assessments and Analytics, leading health monitoring into a new dimension.
• Tele-Consultation enables the Patient to reach out to expert doctors and have video consultations during Emergencies.
• Coordinate with Labs for tests from convenience of home.
• Prescription delivery to home from Pharmacies, Medication alerts for Treatment adherence.
• Enables the patient to store Medical Documents with-in their Mobile, which is helpful during an emergency visit to the Hospital.

Benefits of iLifeVCare through a Doctor's perspective.

• IoT based Patient Engagement Platform for the digital age, helping doctors to provide continuous care.
• Increase your reach to patients, manage your profile for patients to connect with you anytime from anywhere.
• Provide answers to health queries to build trust with the patients especially people seeking second opinions.
• Manage practice completely in digital way from appointment to providing continuous care and billing on VitaCuro Platform.
• Improve Quality of care, thus build more trust and increase practice reach.
• Reports on patient profile, risks and diseases to get insight into practice focus.
• Build referral network with doctors, pharmacies and labs for delivering better care to the patient.
• Send health feeds to the patients and become the coach and build brand for the practice

Benefits of iLifeVCare through a Healthcare Organisation perspective.

• Provide holistic care and improve quality of care.
• Extend reach to provide care at home.
• Optimise hospital/clinic resources for better healthcare delivery.
• Provide tele-medicine to reach to patients beyond in-patient/out-patient.
• Engage patients and families in their health to build value for them.
• Reach to patients and users thru digital means to let them avail health campaigns.
• Provide continuity of care.