• Specimen collection module with queue system based on OP billing and IP Lab ward request
• Multiple specimen ID creation based on the specimen and multiple bar code generation for different container
• Time delay indication for Ordering VS Specimen collection
• LAB specimen acknowledgement module with queue system based on Specimen collection
• Partial specimen acknowledgment and approval system
• Time delay indication for Specimen collection VS Specimen acknowledgement
• Lab department wise control system for specimen collection and lab acknowledgment compulsory for Lab result entry
Uni & Bi directional Laboratory equipment Interface
• Lab Result verification approval system based on value generated from Lab equipment
• Three levels of Lab result entry approval system like Lab technician role, Lab pathology Role, Lab admin role.
• Time delay indication for billing VS result entry
• Result entry edit control system based on approval layer
• Flagging Normal/ Abnormal/ Panic levels,
• System suggested Normal range, default values system
• Through Lab pathology role , Report approval and PDF report generation role
• Ward view on Lab result based on Lab pathology is approvals
• Auto updating of results in EMR,
• Micro biology reports with sensitivity control (CLSI protocol)
• Histopathology Reporting System ( CAP Protocol)