Financial Accounting and Payroll Systems

is closely integrated with Tally ERP for posting all the financial transactions to Tally accounting; The posting process involves the following,

• Ledger Grouping
• Bank accounts postings
• All ledgers will be mapped as per the accounting standards, wherever needed we will map the ledgers under some of the sub-grouping under primary groups
• OP related configurations such as Bills, Groups, Ledgers…etc.,
• IP Related Configuration like as Bills, Groups, Ledgers…etc.,
• Pharmacy/stores Purchase Posting like Bills, purchase groups, ledgers…etc.,

The integration is intended to automate the posting of various department accounting entries. The posting process shall be divided as shown below,

1. OPD – Out Patient department accounting transactions
2. IPD – In patient department accounting entries,
3. Posting accounting entries on In- patient Discharge stage
4. Transactions @ Stores – medicine Purchase stage
5. Transactions @ pharmacy for billing and purchases

The integration shall be an online and Offline with jobs running module; completely installed @ Server end having both iLifeHIS and Tally installed and configured.

For payroll we provide ‘third party Payroll software’ with access to iLIFEHIS database for integration.

Integration to Lab Equipment’s & Barcode generation

will support interface of both bi-directional and uni-directional lab equipment’s for automatic upload of lab results into the test results.

generates ‘Bar codes’ for samples for usage in these machines. Different types of lab equipment have interfaced have been interfaced.

Bar Code generation

has implemented the option of bar code printing as well as usage of bar code scanners for quicker data entry. The facilities provided for use of bar code in iLIFEHIS for stock items, lab samples and for optional for patient registration cards.

PACS interface

Hospitals use PACS when they procure advanced radiology imaging systems like CT, MRI, etc. iLifeHIS provides interfaces with PACS systems. These interfaces are provided using HL7 and the PACS should support standard HL7 messages, which most of the standard PACS systems do.
Automatic sending of orders from iLIFEHIS billing to PACS. This will make sure only billing orders recorded in iLIFEHIS are sent to PACS and eliminates potential fraud situations. It also eliminates any manual errors in entry of patient name, age, sex and OP/IP numbers. Automatic sending of reports written in PACS to iLIFEHIS so that the EMR of patients is complete and doctors can see the reports directly in iLIFEHIS doctor consultation module instead of doing separate login to PACS systems.