InfoLife is a leading provider of integrated digitized healthcare solutions and services, spanning across the entire health enterprise. We engineer solutions that address the evolving needs of global healthcare system by providing faster, effective, patient-centric solutions through our unique customization approach.

By architecting innovative, adaptable and intelligent solutions that run across multiple functions on multiple platforms, InfoLife aims to shape the future of healthcare industry. With this intent, InfoLife has built healthcare solutions that cater to the needs of care providers ranging from large multi-specialty hospitals to small & medium sized hospitals and specialty clinics.

iLifeAYUR is a real-time, web based integrated Ayurveda Hospital Management System that automates all aspects of operations and management of small, medium and large Ayurveda hospitals. iLifeAYUR enables optimization of resources, reduction of costs and errors, improving operational efficiency and enhancing the care delivery process.

Being modular and scalable in nature, the solution offers greater flexibility to be customized to individual client requirements. With over 27 incorporated modules, iLifeAYUR is critical to the success and growth of Ayurveda Hospitals of any strength and size.


Implementing iLifeAYUR are solutions consistently deliver numerous benefits to care providers

• Increased productivity due to seamless integration between various processes and elimination of human errors.
• Reduced time spent on administrative tasks.
• Therapy scheduling module (Eg. Panchakarma) - for Out-Patient and In-Patient Departments.
• Improved efficiency due to better access to patient’s information.
• Reduced operational costs owing to a reduction in staff required for back office tasks.
• Better inventory management.
• Increased quality of care as a result of improved planning in patient services and programs.
• Increase in revenues due to faster, accurate, efficient care delivery.
• Improved patient satisfaction through reduced turnaround time at PoC.
• Improved decision making through easy availability of information across departments.


Modules Clinic Version Standard Version
Out-Patient Registration YES YES
Therapy Planning YES YES
OP Billing YES YES
Therapy Scheduling YES YES
Therapy Dashboard YES YES
OP Medical Check-up Billing YES YES
Laboratory Reporting System YES YES
In-Patient Registration NO YES
Admission, Discharge & Transfer NO YES
Nursing Whiteboard NO YES
Discharge Summary NO YES
Finance Management YES YES
Master & Tariff Management YES YES
User Management YES YES
Pharmacy Management YES YES
Pharmacy Sales Management YES YES
Dashbaord YES YES
MIS & Reports YES YES