Case Study – Sankara Eye Hospital

About Hospital

Sankara Eye Care Institutions is a group of 11 eye hospitals comprises a team of 125 doctors, 600 paramedical professionals, and 275 support staff and has touched the lives of over 40 million people in these 35 plus years. Its mission towards freeing mankind of preventable and curable blindness continues to follow divine light.

Sankara's vision remains truly secular in nature. In fact, the eye of one of the founder trustees was donated to a member of a different religion. All stakeholders in Sankara believe that corneas know no religion, socio-economic status or other perceived barriers. And therefore, they continue to touch lives.

Hospital Problems & Requirement

Sankar Hospital was looking for a software Application to make all Medical records digitized and available on line for doctors, Nurses and Hospital MRD staff. Hospital was facing enormous problem in maintaining the Patients Medical records due to its volume and as well maintaining the physical record files. After having done with the survey and at options of software, finally Sankara management has decided to go with Infolife and awarded the Order to install and implement iLifeDMR software for their whole group across the India.

Sankara Hospital had the problems and looked for software system implemented due to following reasons.

1. There was no computerized system for MRD department; need raised due to increase of patients to hospital

2. Front office Registration counters are operated manually. On Registration patients waiting time has become more for consulting with the doctors due to physical patients MRD records movement to doctor’s cabin. The delay of this process made patients queue increased and hospital found difficult in accommodating patients.

3. Due to physical patient records movement many times there was missing records where by doctors missed in referring to old medical records of patients.

4. Due to manual system, the process became delayed for patient consulting, doctor checkup, prescription and treatment processes …etc.

5. Loss of patients due to consultation rush made hospital loosing revenue.

Benefits of iLifeDMR

Upon installation,

1. Doctor work has been made ease while consulting patients.

2. Missing of medical records from the MRD files and there order has been avoided and taken care through DMR application

3. All up to date medical records info is available to doctors

4. From multiple locations of Sankara hospitals; iLifeDMR application is Integrated to existing HIS software and interfaced seamlessly in having patients data available online.

5. DMR made hospital online patients available for all multiple locations. For eg., A patient from one location is visits to other location DMR will facilitate all hi medical records available on line to doctors.

6. Because of availability of On line patients information from DMR, issue of physical movement of medical records from one location to other location is avoided. Thus the process of sending medical records though Fax, email, physical transfers...etc. are totally avoided and time is saved.

7. Facilitation of Doctor View module in DMR, doctors can view patient records online from the other location.

8. The DMR application also provides all related patient report based on multiple selections and supports in recording ICD codes for types of dieses.
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